420-800Mm F/8.3-16 Telephoto Zoom Lens For Canon Nikon Pentax Sony Dslr Cameras


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High Definition 800mm preset telephoto lens is and incorporates not only computer optical design, but also the latest optical multi-coating techniques.
The process of multi-coating assuresvirtually flare free photographs even under adverse lighting conditions resulting in crisp, high contrast pictures.
This 420mm-800mm f/8.3-16 Telephoto Lens is for anyone shooting at a distance from their subject, including sports and wildlife photography.
It’s lightweight (550g) and compact (just 29.8cm long) and it Closest focus distance is 1.6meter. This is a manual focus lens and has an aluminum alloy body.
Zoom System: Linear push-pull
Exposure: Automatic exposure is possible in Aperture Priority mode only for cameras with TTL metering system. Other camera must be set in full manual. Camera with TTL Metering: All Canon EOS


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